About Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten


Established in 2016, Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten is an independent school offering a parent child program (12 months to 27 months), Playgroup for age 2, Nursery (age 3 years) and kindergarten for 4 to 6 years old as well. There are nearly over 2000 Waldorf Kindergarten in more than 60 countries on 6 continents that offer a holistic inspired approach to education that cultivates a lifelong love of learning, Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten being one of them.

At Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten, all children experience and learn a variety of activities and skills, all of which are woven into the curriculum. This allows each child to fully develop and explore his or her own unique skills and capacities in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

Why Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten

The world is moving at an erratic pace. Our children are moving more and more away from outdoor and creative play and further more into screen time.
Hence the importance of having creative, imaginative and active children in today’s generation. Our Waldorf Early Childhood Program is structured to provide a gradual transition from the life of the home to the structure of an elementary school. We consider childhood to be a valid and honorable experience, not a time to be rushed.

At Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten, we strive to naturally establish a variety of activities into the child’s daily life such as free play, cooking, nature activities etc. which provides a foundation for creativity in children from very young age.
In our classrooms, children gradually become accustomed to working within a group, listening to stories, interacting with a teacher and following a daily routine, while at the same time being supported in his or her development as an individual through the encouragement of creative play, practical life skills and artistic opportunities.

Each teacher deeply understands the young child and the need for movement, as well as the child’s devotion to learning about the world through imitating everything he or she experiences. We follow seasonal rhythms and in parallel, honor your child’s gradual transition from home to school and childhood to adulthood.
Each day they share a family-style meal with the children helping to prepare the food, set the table, and wash up afterwards. An emphasis on gratitude, intention of preparation and table manners develops valuable lifelong social skills, a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the source of our food.

Festivals are a special part of life at The Kathmandu Waldorf School. Celebrating the seasonal festivals creates a connection to the natural rhythms that sustain us, helps avoid excess consumer holiday and lays the groundwork for cultural and social diversity.

A Waldorf Education engages children’s imaginations and curiosity through active, hands-on learning, and seeks to cultivate creative thinking, inquiry, and a love of learning by integrating a full curriculum in math, language arts, the sciences, and foreign languages with the visual arts, drama, music, and movement.
To ensure we provide the best quality of education, we invite mentors from across the world to support our teachers and parents.