Admission Procedure

The Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten application process is an opportunity for the prospective family and the school to share information and get to know one another better. To ensure a good fit between the student and the school, it is important that prospective families have an understanding of our school and an awareness of Waldorf Education movement.
Throughout the year, we offer a variety of admissions events, some designed just for parents and others for parents and students.

How to apply

  • Schedule an appointment with the admissions office via email or call on 9823443574
  • During your visit to the school, the parent will be briefed on the admission process, eligibility, fee structure and provided with a school brochure.
  • In preparation for applying, please complete and submit the following:

    • Duly completed and signed application form (available online)
    • Copy of medical history and vaccination details.
    • A copy of current/previous school documents, if any.
  • Upon acceptance, the Admissions Office will contact parents to complete the admission formalities.
  • A one on one induction with the class teacher is held before the child starts school.

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