Parent Child Program

Waldorf Parent Child classes are specially designed to engage infants and toddlers to age two. Working through the developmentally appropriate means of touch, movement, and imitation, teachers lead parents and their children to explore the world around them through multi- sensory collaboration. This exploration offers a healthy balance between the child’s essential, natural initiative for independence and a safe introduction to peer cooperation.

Kathmandu Waldorf Kindergarten offers regular Parent & Child Play groups that provide an opportunity to learn more about the principles of Waldorf Early Childhood education and how they can be applied at home. The atmosphere is one of warm and supportive companionship with other families, facilitated by a Waldorf educator to form a beautiful experience for both parents and children.

Children come to..

  • Explore a child-friendly environment that challenges and nurtures, with simple play materials.
  • Delight in special attention given to support their unfolding interests, motor abilities, and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience social interaction in play that stimulates their speech and language development.
  • Engage with other children at their stage of development, while developing social capacities.

Parents come and…

  • Experience an environment that encourages the valuable exchange of ideas and information.
  • Explore the value of observation in seeing and understanding what their children are doing and how they are learning as they play.
  • Delight in the joy of sharing songs and games with their children that support speech and language development.
  • Meet other parents and find a community of sharing and support.
  • Discover new tips for parenting and caregiving.

Classes are conducted 3 times a week. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

CLASS TIMING: 10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

Playgroup (AGE 2 – 3 YEARS)

Our playgroup program for age 2- 3 years is based on the conviction that the young child learns best by imitation of what is beautiful and meaningful. Each child’s innate capacity for wonder and reverence is valued and nurtured in a carefully planned program and environment.

Imaginative play, inside and outside the classroom, puppet shows and storytelling, watercolor painting, crafts, and snack preparation form a rhythm to the day and throughout the week that is enhanced by seasonal celebrations and festivals. Healthy movement and creative play in the early childhood years are key to laying the foundation for later academic work. Organic lunch and snack provided in all our programs.

Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday

Class timing: 9:15 am to 1:00 pm

Mixed age Kindergarten (age 4-6 years)

Waldorf Kindergartens have mixed age groups, including children from four to six years old. Our kindergarten activities follow the pedagogical principles of age appropriate and rhythmical activities with increased variety, depth, and complexity.

At KWK, play is the work of childhood. Our homelike environment is carefully prepared for the developmental needs of the young child. Warm, nurturing, inviting and intentionally filled with beautiful, natural elements including pieces of wood, seashells, beeswax for modeling and handcrafted dolls and toys to encourage children to create, imagine and wonder. Their day breathes with a natural rhythm and nurtures them with folk tales, puppetry, and community.

Taught by Waldorf teachers specifically trained in early childhood education, our programs nurture and protect the young child’s sense of wonder and imagination. They learn how to cut fruit for sharing and roll dough for baking fresh bread, and how to finger-knit with organic plant-dyed yarns, a practice that develops fine motor skills and teaches them how to recognize mathematical patterns. Organic lunch and snack provided in all our programs.

Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday

CLASS TIMING: 9:15 AM TO 1:00 PM (Half Day)
9:15 AM TO 3:00 PM (Full Day)

Nursery (Age 3 to 4 Years)

Our nursery program is structured to provide a gradual transition from the life of the home to the structure of a school. In our classrooms, children become accustomed to working within a group, listening to stories, interacting with a teachers and new friends and following a daily routine, while at the same time being supported in their development as an
individual through the encouragement of creative play, practical life skills and artistic opportunities. Each nursery classroom usually has between 14 and 16 children and meets each morning until after lunch. Where the family chooses to enroll their children in our afternoon program, lunch is followed by a rest and then further periods of play.

Classes are conducted every Sunday

Class timing: 10 am to 12:30 pm